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Reclaimed Cedar Hanging Butterfly House

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Habitat Support

Add an elegant and beneficial accent to your garden landscape. This hanging butterfly house is made from cedar planking "cut-offs" and features a dramatic overhanging roof and etched glass side panels for easy viewing. Slender slots on the side of this lovely butterfly home provide passage and ventilation. Simply lift the top for easy cleaning. Place a branch inside so that butterflies have a place to cling. Measures 21 inches tall and 9 inches in diameter. Can be hung from a tree or hook above your flowering landscape.

Turning Life Gardener's Notes:
You can create a puddling box to attract more butterflies.
Butterflies drink from muddy areas gleaning needed minerals. This is called "puddling". Simply mix 1/2 cup of salt with 1 gallon of sand. Pour the mixture in a waterproof container and keep the mixture moist. Do not spill the mixture directly on your planting soil as the salt will "burn" your soil.

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