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Quick and Easy Bin Composting System

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Get growing fast with this quick and easy to setup bin composting system. Allows anyone to turn yard and home waste into a valuable soil conditioner. Don't you think it's crazy to buy dirt? You can minimize the need to use high cost store-bought soil conditioners by composting your own. Most importantly, you'll benefit our environment by recycling valuable organic resources and extending the life of our landfills. Adjustable to 3 foot diameter, this bin will hold over 14 bushels of perfect composting ingredients. Can take grass clippings and leaves and turn them into a rich soil conditioner for use in your gardens. Made of rugged, lightweight plastic that you can start using in minutes. Due to the generous number of air holes and open top, the composting process takes place very quickly.

* Quick and Easy Compost bin
* 4 Stacks with Clip Cap
* 6 Bolts, 6 Nuts and 12 Washers

Weight: 9 lbs

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