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Turning Life - Global Sensibility

Turning Life™ facilities are powered entirely by 100% renewable energy resources

We are proud to be a contributing and Certified Partner of the Environmental Protection Agency's Green Power Partnership.

Turning Life™ is an approved member of the Green Business Network™ of Green America

Members of Green Business Network™ at Green America (formerly Co-op America) have made extraordinary commitments to fair treatment of their employees and workers in their supply chain, promoting healthy communities where they do business, preserving the environment, and delivering quality products to their customers. To recognize commitments and accomplishments as a green business, Green America has created the Green Business Seal of Approval. This seal signals that this business has passed Green America's screening process and has been admitted as an approved green business to our Green Business Network™.

ZERO Carbon Footprint Shipping
Turning Life ships carbon free

Turning Life is strongly committed to reducing pollution and improving Earth's climate conditions. We purchase carbon offsets for the shipment of every order purchased. Carbon offsets, or the mitigation of carbon emissions through the development of alternative projects such as solar or wind energy or reforestation, is an effective method of managing a carbon footprint. This proactive purchase of carbon offsets to maintain a ZERO Carbon Footprint is privately funded by the founders of Turning Life, LLC because of their strong belief in reducing carbon emissions. These costs are NOT passed onto you, our customers.

Product and Materials Origin
At Turning Life we are very selective in our product offerings. Our buyers focus on selecting products with low environmental impact -- organic and sustainable materials, ingredients and fabrics -- manufactured with fair trade or fair labor practices. We exercise our power through our own purchases from suppliers in step with our vision to offer environmentally sustainable products to our customers who may also vote for higher environmental standards with their purchases.

To assist our customers in making informed purchasing decisions about the products offered in our catalog, we have provided a list of product categories and originating countries below. We encourage you to contact us directly by visiting our Contacts page with any additional questions you may have.

* Candles (Soy Wax): Harvested, processed and Made in U.S.A.
* Copper Home Decor: Designed and Made in U.S.A.
* Eco Furniture: Plastic reclaimed, recycled and furniture Made in U.S.A.
* Garden Repellents and Organic Insecticides: Made in U.S.A.
* Natural and Organic Hemp: Harvested and processed in Romania and China
* Organic Bamboo: Harvested and processed in China
* Organic Chocolate: Harvested in various countries with certified Fair Trade labor; Made in U.S.A.
* Organic Coffee: Harvested in various countries with certified Fair Trade labor
* Organic Cotton: Harvested and processed in India and China
* Recycled Glass Products: Manufactured in Germany and China
* Solar Garden Products: Sub-assemblies manufactured in Germany, assembled in China

Carbon Footprint Reduction Initiatives

What is a Carbon Footprint?
A carbon footprint is "the total set of GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions caused directly and indirectly by an individual, organization, event or product" (UK Carbon Trust 2008). Once the size of a carbon footprint is known, a strategy can be devised to reduce it.

Packaging and Materials Re-use
Please don't be surprised or offended if your order arrives in a box that has been gently used box. By re-using boxes purchased from other suppliers we can significantly reduce unnecessary waste of trees, water, energy and curb the over-production of packaging and materials.
More than 50% of our shipping materials are recycled. We re-circulate boxes and packing material as well as utilize paper product "seconds" for packing material (i.e. bolts of paper with unsaleable printing errors). We favor suppliers that offer recycled and reduced product packaging.

Carbon-Free Shipping
We purchase carbon offsets for the shipment of every order purchased to maintain a ZERO Carbon Footprint. Carbon offsets, or the mitigation of carbon emissions through the development of alternative projects such as solar or wind energy, are an effective method to manage a carbon footprint. The carbon offset program is privately funded by the founders of Turning Life, LLC. These costs are NOT passed onto our customers.

Plant-A-Tree Program
Your purchase of Eco Yoga Mats and Eco Fitness products will fund the planting of a tree which can remove up to 2000lbs of pollution from our atmosphere. Through our various partner organizations we hope to improve the lives of people around the world by implementing sustainable land use programs utilizing the trees provided. Locations for planting trees vary; but past projects have been conducted throughout Asia, Africa and the Americas. Each location and project is researched and developed to implement the most effective plan possible; one that is best for the people and ecosystem involved.

Carbon Offset Web Host & Data Center
The Turning Life web hosting facility has partnered with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) to offset 100% of the energy usage of their data center in Lenexa, Kansas by purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). The majority of the RECs will be sourced from the Bowersock Mills and Power Company’s hydroelectric facility in Lawrence, Kansas. This hydroelectric facility is certified low impact by the Low Impact Hydro Institute (LIHI).

EPA Green Power Partner Profile
Turning Life is a certified EPA Green Power Partner. As a result of buying green power, Turning Life is helping support the development of new renewable generation capacity nationwide while also helping protect the environment. Electricity generation can be one of the largest environmental impacts associated with an organization's operations. "The company's vision began with the founders' goal of a zero carbon footprint at a corporate level", said Craig Force - co-founder of Turning Life. Since early 2007, 100% of the company's corporate headquarters electricity consumption is generated by renewable, green power. With this commitment, Turning Life hopes to demonstrate to established and start-up companies how easy it is to make the switch to purchasing green power.
EPA Green Power Partner Profile - Turning Life

Labor Standards
Turning Life promotes and supports ethical working conditions and treatment of employees throughout our supply chain. Turning Life requires that all suppliers and manufacturers comply fully with local laws and regulations of the country where the facilities are located. These regulations include, but are not limited to, minimum age, voluntary labor, building safety, discrimination standards and employee health, welfare, safety, working and environmental conditions.

There shall be no forced, indentured or child labor used to manufacture any products. Applicable minimum legal age requirements must be enforced as dictated by local laws and regulations.

Employment will be based on employee qualifications to perform the job. Employers may not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, age, marital status, or sexual orientation.

No employee will be subjected to physical, verbal, psychological or sexual harassment or punishment. All employees will be treated humanely, with dignity and respect.

Employees will be allowed at least one day off in every seven day working week. All overtime must be voluntary and employees will be compensated for this time in accordance with local legislation.

All applicable environmental laws and regulations will be followed relating to safe handling and removal of hazardous chemicals and industrial waste.

Working conditions which adhere to all local legislation and regulation as relating to health, welfare and workplace safety will be provided to each employee.

Employers will maintain documentation and allow on-site demonstration and proof of compliance to the standards identified above. Suppliers will conduct periodic factory audits, whether in person or through certified standard bodies and provide clear and convincing evidence of manufacturer compliance to Turning Life, LLC immediately upon request and periodically at no less than one year intervals.
The labor standards set forth here have been made available to each supplier to Turning Life, LLC. Suppliers will be notified of new and/or updated standards and requirements as they are added, and/or upon an annual basis.

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