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Organic Songbird Coffee 1lb Ground Nicaraguan

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Certified organic coffee comes from the SOPPEXCCA cooperative located in the department of Jinotega, Nicaragua. It is grown at an average altitude of 1000 meters above sea level, where the air is thin and the coffees mature slowly, creating intense flavors.

It has a fruity, almost mango taste and a clean, crisp, acidity that suggest mellow plum or cranberry. It is definitely more like a Chardonnay than a Zinfandel.

Regardless of how it is described, it's a coffee that you should experience because it is the perfect benchmark for judging all Nicaraguan coffees in your future.

Roastmaster's Notes
Medium Roast
Fruity, nutty and chocolaty with hints of mango, plum and cranberry.

Package contents: 1 pound of coffee - medium grind for all coffee makers.

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