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Organic Songbird Coffee 12 oz. French Roast Whole Bean

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Certified Organic French Roast coffee created by carbonizing the sugar content of the beans at high temperatures, sort of akin to toasting a marshmallow to black and crisp. The flavors, if done right, taste like toasted caramel or brown sugar.

The Aranjuez village from which this coffee comes is located high in the northern mountains above the city of Matagalpa, Nicaragua. The coffee we purchase from Aranjuez is grown under rustic shade, and the farms are filled with birds, monkeys, jaguars and butterflies. The tall graceful shade trees hold back the sun, creating a lively community of insects and birds. Fly catchers, and several species of warblers are among the migratory guests.

Since 1997, we have purchased 525,000 pounds of their coffee. Although we no longer give them an after-sale rebate, the fixed price they receive has consistently been 70 cents over the market price, and has added $400,000 to the community. As a result of the fair trade price we pay for their coffee, the community has been able to expand their school to four rooms, and are able to pay their four teachers. Most of the farmers have built brick homes and have some sort of mechanical transportation.

Roastmaster's Notes:
Dark Roast Organic Coffee
Full-bodied, smoky, and intense.

Package contents: 1 pound - whole bean coffee

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