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Natural Blues CD

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The soulful sound of the blues are expressed eloquently through the moods and voices of nature. Features dobro, steel and electric guitars, harmonica, violin, saxophone, horns and piano. Featuring the sounds of Wolves, Coyotes, Owls, Crows, Jungle Birds, Blue Jays, Doves, Crickets, Bullfrogs, Laughing Frogs, Toads, Rivers, Winter Wind, Thunder, Fire and Rain.

Producer: John Grout, Executive Producer: John Grout, Mixed and Mastered at Infinity Studios
1. Natural Blues
2. Rainman
3. Delta Blues
4. Deep Blues
5. Howlin Wolf
6. Blue Birds
7. Winter Blues
8. Campfire Blues
9. On the Bayou
10. Rain Forest Blues
11. Midnight Blues

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