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Eco-Friendly All Metal Cardinal & Goldfinch Feeder

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Habitat Support

We love this feeder for the sturdiness, sustainable construction materials and it collapses down to less than one inch high for extremely small footprint packaging materials. And remember...we ship carbon footprint neutral!

No plastic - No wood - Simple & Sustainable. This all-metal tray feeder is highly successful at attracting and satisfying cardinals and goldfinches. Fill with black oil sunflower seeds and you'll be delighted with the results.

The tray is equipped with drain holes to allow rain and snow moisture a way out. Holds over 2.5 lbs of seed or nuts. Simple and strong design that comes fully assembled, ready to hang and fill. Provides feeding room for 10 to 15 clinging and perching birds at the same time. Metal construction helps protect birds from avian diseases.

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