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3 Box Organic Vegan Chocolate Lover Gift Set

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Fair Trade


Which one will you savor first? Your vegan chocolate lover will be in heaven with our 3 box assorted Organic and Fair Trade Vegan Chocolate Lover's Gift Bundle. Each gift box includes 9 pieces of delicious, certified organic and vegan (no animal based products whatsoever) chocolates with no GMO ingredients. This chocolate assortment bundle includes 1 each of the following vegan chocolate gift boxes.

Organic Fair Trade Vegan Chocolate Truffles
Flavors include: Raspberry, mocha, and extra dark.

Organic Fair Trade Vegan Mint Chocolates
These chocolates are the creamiest dark chocolate infused with mint for an explosion of flavor

Organic Fair Trade Vegan Nuts & Chews Chocolates
Flavors include: Coconut caramel, almond crunch, pistachio caramel, peanut caramel, pecan caramel, nugget, mocha caramel, cashew cluster, and chocolate caramel.

Chocolates are shipped with refrigerated gel pack.
We are unable to accept returns on this item.

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